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Harvey with local youngsters

Harvey Hartley died tragically in an auto accident at the end of his service the night before he would have left the Dominican Republic in 1964.

From Harvey’s Sister Pearle Burlingame:

Harvey was my brother and was in the first PC group assigned to the D.R. in 1962. He was raised on an Ohio dairy, grain farm and upon graduation from high school in 1958 was in partnership with his father and also owner/operator of a seed cleaning business for local farmers. He felt the Peace Corps would be an opportunity to help others help themselves and promote peace through this avenue rather than through war.

During Peace Corps training, he struggled learning Spanish; but, once in the field, he had the tools necessary to be successful in analyzing the needs and resources available, and communication worked out as his fellow PC volunteer was fluent in Spanish. The farmers’ cooperative he and fellow volunteer Robert Williams started was with a group of local and dedicated Dominicans. With long range planning and financial support, the co-op grew to be successful and is known as The Cooperative de Criadores del Cibao in Moca. It recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

The co-op invited our immediate family to be their guest at their 30th anniversary celebration. It was a delight for Harvey’s father, at 90 years of age, to see the success and growth of his son’s vision through the continued dedication of the local board members through the years. The partnership with Heifer Project International helped provide animals for the co-op; and when our family visited, we saw some of the “offspring” from these animals.

Since the DR was so close to the USA, and the Peace Corps was a new program, many dignitaries would visit the volunteer projects. Sargent Shriver and his wife Eunice were frequent visitors to Moca and the press would report on their visits. Just prior to his death, Harvey had completed an agreement to have a load of pigs delivered to the DR through Heifer Project and there were several boats filled with corn, tractor parts. and a feed grinder waiting to be unloaded at Santo Domingo. Harvey had talked with Sargent Shriver the day before his death, as he had been asked to serve as Director of the Peace Corps in Columbia. Harvey told Sargent Shriver that he would accept the position.

The next day Sargent Shriver made a phone call to Harvey’s father and mother with the news of his death. The family has always felt proud of the achievements accomplished through the Peace Corps program and of the continued positive impact his program had on the Moca community.


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10 Responses to Harvey Hartley*

  1. Anonymous says:

    Harvey was a friend, teammate and inspiration to all. I was fortunate to know him.

    Tim Hill

  2. Tim Hill says:

    Harvey was my friend and teammate in high school. A true leader and I will never forget him. An inspiration to all.

  3. Patricia Gillespie says:

    Harvey and Pearle were my inspiration to join the Peace
    Corps. The experience changed my life. I will be forever

  4. Jim Newlin says:

    Harvey was my first cousin, and his service and subsequent untimely death made an impact on my view of the world. His sister Dorothy Pearle Burlingame also served in the Peace Corps in Africa, following Harvey’s example. Their lives, one too short, have been inspirational.

  5. Jonathon Wye says:

    Such a lovely tribute to read.

  6. Georgia Bucci says:

    I knew Harvey briefly as an upper classmate. His sister , Pearl & I are high school classmates & Freinds. I attended his funeral & through his family I had an insight as to what compassion for our fellow human beings is about. Giving of ones self for the betterment of others. JFK had one of his greatest accomplishments with the start of the PC . Harvey was before @ beyond his time .

  7. Bernice Gidley Bell says:

    Yes Harvey was my first cousin.
    Thank you very much for honoring him as hismission continues.

  8. Barry Newlin says:

    Harvey was my cousin, he accomplished a lot in his 24 years. I always looked up to him and his example of serving has had an impact on my life. It is great to know 50 years later his vision is still benefitting the citizens of The Dominican Republic

  9. Carol Rodriguez says:

    Harvey was my uncle. His impact in Moca, Dominican Republic is still seen today, as the “Cooperativa de Criadores de Cibao” agriculture coop he helped start continues to be an economic driver of the area. He loved to help others and believed that by instilling and sharing knowledge (along with perseverance and hard work) the citizens of Moca would thrive.

    • Cynthia Sheely Oliver says:

      The Hartley & Burlingame Family have been great friends for years. The entire family are so loving and always willing to lend a hand wherever it is needed. I worked with Pearle in 4-H for ten years. She and her family have done so much for the community. I so enjoyed reading about Harvey and is time with the Peace Corps. Our loss is heaven’s gain.