Thomas LeSuer

Thomas served his country well doing good, hard work in Lesotho. Thomas was a live-wire. Always upbeat and created a contagious happiness around him. Highly intelligent, creative, with boundless energy, he inspired me anew that some people are treasures to find; filled with caring, and humor even in the face of witnessing great difficulties; such as the poverty stricken struggles of most Basotho. He is a hero. When contemplating how well rounded and good this person; I always followed that with saying, his family back home are wonderful people; no one could have been such a great guy without a brilliant, yet common sense, supportive family upbringing. I am thankful for knowing him.

-John Clayton
Peace Corps Volunteer
Lesotho 1979-1980

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One Response to Thomas LeSuer

  1. Susan Anderson and Jim Gunsolus says:

    Tom was so full of energy and lived life to the fullest. The Basotho love him and he loved them back with gusto. Miss ya, buddy — you were a great friend and travelling partner.

    Susan Anderson and Jim Gunsolus