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Bill in Dailekh

Bill Nordmann (d. 7/31/92,  Nepal) was one of the finest persons I’d had the privilege to know.  Funny, smart, personable, talented – was it any wonder that all who knew him, loved him?  I remember the day our friend called to give me the news; the bottom fell out of my world that day.  It wasn’t fair that such a brilliant young man, a gracious man who had touched so many lives and had so much promise, was snatched away in the prime of his life.  But he was doing what he was called to do, and the people of Nepal were blessed by having him there.  Bill was my dear, dear friend, and I still miss him.  We all do. – Mary Chapman


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One Response to William Nordmann

  1. Bill Nordmann says:

    If anyone has e-mail, address, phone (cell or landline)
    or any information about Paige Lucas’ whereabouts,
    PLEASE notify me. It has been a long time since I’ve
    had any contact with Paige and would love to hear from her.
    Bill Nordmann, Dad of Peace Corps Volunteer Bill Nordmann